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Our Latest Tastes Lineup

Alright, let's do a product dump. We gotta eat, which means you gotta eat. Let's sell out together.

Unless you've been living under a ROCK for the last few weeks, you already know all about these various treats, but we've prepared this helpful summary nonetheless to remind you and activate your tastebuds...

First up...Connie's Classic Chocolate-Covered Chocolate-Crusted Cake:

Sometimes, simplest is best. Chocolate on top, cake in the middle, chocolate on bottom. That's tough to top.
Inspired by Baker Amanda's mother's favorite dessert, "Connie's Classic..." is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. It's classy. It's chocolatey. It's Connie.

Next up, we'll fly on down to the Florida Keys for...Mama Turner's Key Lime TastyCake:

"Nibblin' on TastyCake, watchin' the sun bake..."
Inspired by Baker Adam's mother's favorite dessert, Mama Turner's Key Lime TastyCake is colorful, tart, and oh so smooth. Homemade whipped frosting tops this creamy, island-infused, tropical delight. You gotta try it. Why would we lime to you? Grab a slice of sunshine and order yours today, Parrotheads 

Here's our Murder by Chocolate TastyCake:

There's been a moyduh in Tastytown...........🔪

And the culprit is our outrageously decadent, absurdly rich, devilishly  delicious chocolate cake. The victim? Your sweet tooth. It's elementary, my dear Watson: Try our Murder By Chocolate TastyCake. It's to die for. 

Enough cheesecake. Time for stickcake: our TastyPops:

Cake on a stick? Why not? Introducing The TastyPop: all the taste of a cake, candy-coated, bite-sized, and on-the-go. It's convenient. It's delicious. It's...arguably nutritious (don't quote us on that). Once you pop, the cake don't stop 🍰🍭
Pop one (or a dozen*) in your mouth by ordering yours today!
*TastyPops come in boxes of 12

As always, we've got our Kookies, with a variety of themes or custom-designed for your needs:

The one that started it all! Delicately decorated and divinely delicious, these Kookies never last long in Tastytown. Check back regularly for the latest designs from our head chef Amanda. Too pretty to eat, too tasty to not!

And lastly, gather 'round the campfire for our S'Tasty TastyCake:

We've all been there: It's too hot for a campfire, but the craving remains: graham crackers, Hershey bars, 'mallows...cream cheese?
A new fireside classic is coming down to Tastytown: The S'Tasty. You won't be able to get enough of it. You'll demand "some more." Fire-roasted mini marshmellows rest on a bed of Hershey ganache, trickling down the 'mallow-infused cake batter, all brought home with another layer of chocolate (a must) atop our classic graham cracker crust. No sticks required 🔥


Delectable, eh? Delicious, no? Downright delightful, huh?

They can all be yours in a few clicks.

Click away, friends. Thanks for reading.

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