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Our April Theme Reveal...

Spring has sprung.

Folks, it is that time of year again. Baker Adam crawls out of his seasonal affective hibernation and takes his first nervous tiptoes back outdoors. Baker Amanda covers her sleepy head with a pillow at 6:28 a.m. as the birds start chirping. Blades of grass explode from the thawing terra firma as the sun breaks through the overcast skies to light up the brilliant bluegrass countr--oh, and it's snowing again. *wah-wah*

Yep, it's springtime in Kentucky, which means it is SPRINGTIME IN TASTYTOWN, our April Kookie theme.

(We may have been a little premature switching to A/C last week. But we're glass half fullers down in Tastytown...)

Here's the official theme description from the product page:

Our April 2022 theme...SPRINGTIME IN TASTYTOWN 🌷🐥🐇🥕 Much as the sun and rain slowly thaw winter's icy grip on our landscape, so too will our Springtime Kookies™️ melt your frozen heart. Perfect for Easter Sunday and good on any Friday, you won't want to passover these eggcellent treats. This year, April showers bring opportunities for kookie devours. What else are you gonna do on a rainy day but indulge? ☔️ You'd be a true (April) fool to miss out on these delicious designs! 🌸

We're so excited to debut these new designs, and we hope they make your April that much brighter, even if spring remains a fair-weather friend for the time being.

Half Box (6-8 kookies): $18

Full Box (13-16 kookies): $30

You can buy your box here:

And, of course, we also have our TastyCakes, perfect for any Easter get-together, bad breakup, or weekend celebration. Explore all our variations here:

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you down in Tastytown soon.


Ed. Note: I'm still shocked this happened a week ago:

Will, get in touch. Looks like you need a kookie ASAP.

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