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Howdy Neighbor. Welcome to Tastytown.

Updated: May 24, 2022

🎶Home of TastyCakes and Kookies.

Delight in Every Bite.

C'mon Down to Tastytown...

Where Tasty Tastes Await!🎶

Hello friends, and thanks for stopping by Tastytown, est. 2022.

Tastytown Bakery is our new home bakery based in Versailles, KY. And we're so excited to get pins rolling and ovens preheated for you all.

For those of you who know us solely as a teacher and...whatever it is I do, a little background might be necessary.

Ever since I started dating my wife Amanda, one of our favorite go-to date nights at home was baking up some absurd concoction, usually (almost always) chocolate-based. We've always tried to bake something new each week, to challenge ourselves and to avoid ever getting too close to having six pack abs. Mission accomplished.

Over time, word rang out throughout the Bluegrass about our supposed legendary baking prowess, as we'd always share our sweets with friends and family. We heard "hey, you all should sell this stuff!" enough times to convince us to finally seriously consider it. And after many months of deliberation and setup, we finally did.

Through my company Cherrymoon Media (parent company of sorts to Tastytown), I've been lucky enough to work from home my entire adult life (lucky to me, at least--I know following COVID 2020, many would rather never see their makeshift bedroom offices ever again...) and have some flexibility with my schedule. I've been able to explore new projects and side gigs in addition to my "day job." And after 5 and a half years of dutiful service, Amanda retired from her education career to explore other, healthier pursuits. We had our opportunity to give this passion project some wings, and thus, Tastytown Bakery was born.

About that name: Amanda and I were kicking back and forth ideas in a brainstorming session early on in the process. One of us threw out Tastytown for a quick laugh, and the more we thought about it, the harder we laughed. And we never considered any other idea after. And that is the spirit of Tastytown in a nutshell. We're having a ton of fun with it all, and we invite you to join in as well. What's more fun than an oversized slice of cake or a colorful cookie? Very little, in my experience. And I've got 30 years of it under my belt.

Speaking of cake, they are our primary export, in addition to royal icing cookies. Or as we call them, TastyCakes and Kookies. And they are, in fact, very tasty!

All of this to say, welcome and thank you for checking us out. And if you've read this far, your obvious support of our little dreams. Hey, if you have made it this far, you really ought to sign up for our newsletter. We'll give you tons of discounts and coupons if you ever decide to order yourself some delicious kookies. There is a form on our website's homepage. And make sure to give us a like or follow on all the socials (@tastytownbakery) to keep up with all our latest treats and updates.

We hope to see you soon down in Tastytown. Tasty Tastes Await! 🍰🍪

-Adam Turner


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