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Have Treats, Will Travel


Folks, we've been traveling all across the great state of KY peddling our tasty treats to hungry heroes the past few weeks. And we aren't slowing down! (But we ARE sleeping any spare moment we get...)

Many thanks to the Woodford County Chamber of Commerce, Market 606, and Paintsville Tourism for having us at your excellent recent markets. We were anxious going into our first events with Tastytown, but you made us feel very welcome and, by the end of each, very rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💸💸💸 Just kidding. But we did well, and we are grateful to all who have purchased and enjoyed our home-baked delights.

Next up we are at the Midway Block Party in historic downtown Midway, KY on

Saturday, May 28. Hope to see you there! If not, you can catch us in late June at the next Versailles Merchants Association downtown Block Party on June 24. Hopefully we'll be adding more and more events as opportunities arise as time goes on.


If you were one of the lucky few to sample our Kookies and TastyCakes at one of these events or at any point over the last few months we've been up and running, we could really use your help! We're slowly building up our word-of-mouth reputation as one of the finest purveyors of sweet treats in Versailles/greater-Lexington area/Kentucky/continental USofA/planet, and featuring positive reviews on our Facebook and Google listings is a HUGE help in attracting new customers. We haven't pushed this much yet, but we would absolutely LOVE and APPRECIATE your feedback if you've had a chance to try our goods. You can leave those reviews at either link below, if you have a moment:

Many thanks to you for taking the time to read and review. As your reward, here is the best video TikTok doesn't want you to see! (It was immediately taken down for copyright infringement...? 🤷‍♀️)

Thanks for reading and if you haven't yet, treat yourself this week. Could be a few minutes of silence, a walk outside, a cuddle with a pet, or perhaps...a delicious dessert?

See you soon, friends!

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