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Give Someone a Very Tasty Birthday

Birthday cake is officially cancelled. Welcome to Kookie Szn.

Your phone buzzes. Another calendar notification. Ignore. But wait. No it can't be. No. It is. Oh god. Friday is So-and-so's birthday. And what have you got for them? Squat. Diddle. Nada.

Fear not, hypothetical friend. We've got you covered down in Tastytown this year. A new gadget will age out in six months. Cake is so passé. They've got enough colorful socks. Don't even bother. Why not give a unique gift that tastes great, looks great, and leaves no crumb behind? Why not give the craziest, kookiest gift you can find: The Kookie.

From our product page: Our Birthday Kookies are the perfect gift for any age. If you're young, you'll dream of the day when you can afford to buy Kookies yourself thanks to your adult job as an astronaut or major league baseball player or president. If you're old, you'll feel young again, when you believed you could go to space, play in the big leagues, or lead the free world. If you're in between, you probably still deserve it. 🎁

Though we can customize designs for any occasion, we already have a stellar selection of birthday party-themed kookies to choose from.

As the citizens of Tastytown always say, our Kookies are too pretty to eat, too tasty not to!

So what are you waiting for? Make your loved ones's year by surprising them with a box of our birthday kookies. And have yourself a very tasty bday.

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