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Feeling Kooky, Might Delete Later...

It's been a hectic few weeks in Tastytown.

Following our first theme announcement for Valentine's Day, we got flooded with orders from friends and family and even some friends of friends and family of family. Not bad for a "soft opening" (saving the grand opening debut for when our website is complete and everything is live...).

Which is great. Except now we have to actually bake em and make em. *gulp*

It's actually been a ton of fun making our first orders ever, though we certainly have faced our share of hiccups, bad batches, and manufacturing errors--namely, our first batch of boxes came in without fold lines in place. Many angry emails later, replacements are on their way, but if you notice an odd bend or two on your package, you got one of the original monsters. But there's no such thing as a mistake in Tastytown. We call those happy accidents, as we grin through gritted teeth. 😬

Valentine's is just a few days away, so we'll be delivering all of our sweetheart orders over the course of this weekend. Though you can order these lovey-dovey designs anytime, starting next week, we'll be starting to perfect our March theme, which we'll tease in the next blog. Until then, we'll be living in a rose-tinted world.

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