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BREAKING NEWS: Easter's Over, Spring Continues

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Friends, we did it. We made it to Easter 2022. We hope yours was fabulous and that you enjoyed a basket full of the tastiest tastes with your loved ones. 🐣🪺 If you missed out on the Big Bunny's delivery, good news: springtime rages on, as do our Springtime in Tastytown Kookies! As the citizens of Tastytown always say, our kookies are "too pretty to eat, too tasty not to." A delicious dilemma, one we have no doubt you can solve. Just order a few dozen to explore your options here:

If you were one of the blessed to sample our kookies and TastyCakes over the weekend, or at any point over the last few months we've been up and running, we could really use your help! We're slowly building up our word-of-mouth reputation as one of the finest purveyors of sweet treats in Versailles/greater-Lexington area/Kentucky/continental USofA/planet, and featuring positive reviews on our Facebook and Google listings is a HUGE help in attracting new customers, and right now we have a whopping...three. We haven't pushed this much yet, but we would absolutely LOVE and APPRECIATE your feedback if you've had a chance to try our goods. You can leave those reviews at either link below, if you have a moment:

Many thanks to you for taking the time to read and review. As your reward, here's a recent delightful TikTok we prepared for you:

Have a lovely week and stay warm or keep cool or stay dry or enjoy the weather or lay out the salt or find shelter from incoming twisters. Welcome to Kentucky. Welcome to Tastytown.

But luckily, you know what showers in April bring...?

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